About us

How it started

On May 8 2017, Kenneth Shipipa and Gerlinda Bruijnes got married. They moved from Windhoek to Rehoboth to devote themselves to less privileged children in this community.

Three months later (August 2017), God gave them a vision of a safe place for Children in Rehoboth with the name “Lighthouse”. At the time, they did not quite understand why God had given them this vision, nor did they know what to do with it. After all, they were involved with another organisation back then.

In April 2018, Kenneth and Gerlinda knew it was time to retire from the organisation they were involved with. From that moment on, more and more things started to fall into place. It became clear that they had to take time to be re-equipped. It also became clear that after this equipment, God wanted to deploy them to start a ministry in Rehoboth. During the period of equipment, the vision of what their ministry would look like became increasingly clear.

The vision they received in August 2017 was also confirmed. Lighthouse Ministry was to become a ministry focused on helping children and teens to flourish; to discover together their talents and who they are in Christ. A safe place that allows them to be themselves and further develop themselves. This ministry would not only focus on the child itself, but on the child’s family and environment as well, so that a healthy community can emerge.

The giving of light and direction

The meaning of the name Lighthouse

A Lighthouse brings light into the darkness. Lighthouse Ministry brings God’s light to a community where there is so much darkness.

In addition, a lighthouse gives direction to ships. Lighthouse Ministry wants to help children and teenagers discover who they are and let them flourish, giving direction to their lives. 


We want to create a place where children and God get to know God.  Every person is made after the image of God, and is also made to be in a relationship with Him.

Through this relationship with God, 3 main needs of people are met, namely attention/love, safety/security and autonomy. By being connected to God there will always be love, security and a free choice. By introducing the children and teens to God, they can come to know His love; they can discover how God made them and sees them; they discover that they are valuable and loved, and what talents God has given them. From this foundation they can make a free choice to follow God in His plan. We want to help them to grow and develop further, so that they can take responsibility for their own lives and be the best light they can be for their environment.


Lighthouse ministry is a safe place for children and teenagers, where the Light and Love of God can be seen and felt. Many children in Rehoboth grow up in broken homes. They are surviving rather than living. We want to help these children and teenagers discover who they are, and thus bring them to life and flourish. We want to teach them that they are capable of much more than they think (Phil. 4:13); that with God, they have a free choice in their lives. A place that helps children and teenagers to walk to their full potential, where dignity and responsibility are restored. We focus on the child, but also on the circumstances in which the child is situated; to build together on a healthy community for the child to grow up in.