The team in Namibia

The Lighthouse team in Namibia currently consists of 14 local employees and two volunteers (Kenneth and Gerlinda). Each employee is responsible for a specific program or project within Lighthouse. The team is led by Kenneth & Gerlinda.

  • Olivia Diergaardt (sunshine club & point of contact community)
  • So-Ann Kooper (after-school care)
  • Charmara Heymann (youth)
  • Zenodine Arendse (child care)
  • Martin Stenekamp (activities & outreach)
  • Petrina Kamati (kitchen)
  • Lensie Boois (Needlework project & cleaning)
  • Alberto Beukes (agricultural project)
  • Reggie Ouseb (aquaponics)
  • Brendan Simbwaye (coordinator agricultural sector & maintenance)
  • Danewalth Araeb (agriculture secretary)
  • Vivienne Campbell (coordinator children’s programs & hostel)
  • Marie Hagen (finance and HR)
  • Mary Theresa Mbisa-Ng’ambi (coordinator young & pregnant and needlework project)
  • Kenneth Shipipa (final responsible agricultural sector & maintenance)
  • Gerlinda Shipipa-Bruijnes (final responsible children’s programs)