The work of Lighthouse Ministry is made possible by large and smaller sponsors. We are all grateful for this. We would like to draw attention to our largest sponsors on this page. They are named in alphabetical order.

BFJ Advies

BFJ Advies is a company founded in 2021 by Simon van der Woude. The company offers construction management and construction economic services for construction and infrastructure projects to developers, architects, engineering firms, corporations, governments and end consumers. BFJ’s mission is to contribute to a fairer world and the company’s proceeds are donated to ANBI organisations committed to poverty reduction or fighting injustice. BFJ Advice operates on a non-profit basis.

See http://bfjadvies.nl


The Breman Installation Group is a nationally operating group of 28 specialised installation companies that work for individuals as well as the corporate market. They specialise in mechanical engineering and electrical installations, and flue gas drainage systems in both the housing and utility markets. The employees and shareholders share control and profit over the company, a unique form of control that arises from the founder’s vision. The group’s strategy aims for energy positivity in 2025 and is striving for sustainability and social responsibility.

See https://www.breman.nl

Gifts of Grace

Hanneke and Willemien are two friends who are creative, love a challenge and like to make beautiful things to encourage others. They have a heart for Africa and God. They are both in their mid-30s and have families. They work in education and run a webshop together and are currently working on a stone shop. The webshop sells handmade items from the Made by WG foundation and the profit goes to charities in a.o. Namibia and Uganda. In addition, the webshop is sustainably oriented and they recycle as much packaging material as possible.

See https://www.giftsofgrace.nl

Wilde Ganzen

Wilde Ganzen is a Dutch foundation that works for a world without poverty through collaborations with local go-getters and Dutch foundations. Every year, Wilde Ganzen supports hundreds of projects in dozens of countries, targeting the root causes of poverty and helping the people around, with special attention to women, children and people with disabilities. Wilde Ganzen supports the projects with knowledge, advice and funds, and encourages local operators to stimulate self-reliance.

See https://www.wildeganzen.nl