Kids programmes

After-school care

From Monday to Friday we take care of 48 children who grow up in poverty. The after-school care focuses on the most vulnerable children in Rehoboth. Children who, in addition to practical help, also need attention and love. Most of the parents of these children are absent due to, for example, having passed away, alcohol addiction or they do not have the means/opportunity to provide the children with what they need. Every day, whether the children get some food at home remains to be seen. After school, these children come to us for a hot meal, homework assistance, to play and for various activities such as archery, Bible lessons, crafts, sports and games, maths and reading. We also help them practically where we can.

Sunshine Club

In addition to the children who need both emotional and practical help, there are also many children who have a parent who is able to give the child attention and love, but who lacks the financial means to provide a daily meal and the materials required to go to school. These children come to us on Mondays, together with the children from the after-school care. This group consists of 28 children. They receive a food package from us every second week and we also provide the resources needed to go to school. Because we see them weekly, we can keep a close eye on how they are doing. Monday looks different from the other days. During the Sunshine club, only the children of primary school age come. We sing together, listen to a Bible story, eat a hot meal and do activities such as crafts, puzzles, games and sports. A very nice and fun afternoon.

Lighthouse Youth

For the teenagers we organise teenage afternoons. Every Monday at 16.00 the teenagers come to us. This programme is for the teenagers from our after school care as well as for other teenagers who wish to learn more about faith. We start the program with a game. After that we eat together, have time of worship and think about a biblical theme. On Friday we take the teenagers to a youth evening of one of the local churches.


There are children in Rehoboth whose home situation is so bad that they cannot actually live at home. Most of these children first came to the after-school care, but unfortunately this help did not suffice. A hostel is a place next to the school where children live. They get to eat there and they are taken care of. This offers structure for these children and this greatly improves the chances of them finishing school. At the moment we have 22 children going to hostels. We make sure that their hostel money is paid, that they have a school uniform, a bag and materials, and that they receive toiletries on a monthly basis.

Talent Development Programme

Many of our children have difficulty learning, but are good with their hands. Offering the development of different skills enables the children to discover their likes and their talents. We believe that this builds confidence and it is important that the children can develop in this manner. We currently do this small-scale by offering different skills for a short period of time. These include archery, creativity, dance and music. In 2022 net ball, football, sewing and agricultural training were added to this.