Training and guidance

Young & Pregnant

We are currently setting up training for pregnant young girls. We want to prepare them for the arrival of their child through this training. Teenage pregnancies unfortunately are common in Namibia. Many girls have no idea what is good to do during pregnancy and afterwards. We think it is important that they are well informed, so that their children will hopefully have a different start in life. We see that many younger girls do not have the resources necessary to care for their baby after birth. At the moment we (in collaboration with The Mommaluv foundation) are giving packages for the newborn babies, to make their start a bit easier. In the future we will be handing out these packages after the pregnant girls have completed the training.

Social work

Our children grow up in difficult circumstances. For them, going to school is not so obvious. In most cases, there is no one at home who encourages the children to go to school. This is why we go to the schools every day to check whether they are at school. If this is not the case, we will look into why that is. We also do weekly home visits to monitor the conditions of the children’s home and also to follow up if there are problems at home. We believe that something must change in children’s homes to improve their situation. This is also the reason why we have contact with the parents. We try to make them take responsibility for their own children as much as possible. We encourage them, hold them accountable for their responsibility, listen and give advice. Next year we will also offer training on raising children. We will also try to make parents more involved by, for example, becoming part of the needle-working project or helping them on the agricultural project in exchange for a food package. We also work closely with the schools in Rehoboth and also with the local social workers. This is how we cooperate to make a change in the families of the children.